Ground Rules

Rule 1:  ChemBark is a private site that costs good money to run. The editors are free to do what they want here.

Rule 2:  The editors will do their best to be fair in managing what goes on here.

Rule 3:  The concept of guaranteed “free speech” does not apply here (a private site).

Rule 4:  Readers are free to comment anonymously.

Rule 5:  ChemBark cannot guarantee the anonymity of commenters and readers.

Rule 6:  Commenters are responsible for what they say—not ChemBark’s management.

Rule 7:  Trolls will be banned. Spam will be deleted.

Rule 8:  Comments will appear in sequence, rather than nested.

Rule 9:  ChemBark will not maintain a blogroll.

Rule 10:  ChemBark does not print ads. ChemBark does not run paid posts.

Rule 11:  Commenters may not post under more than one username per thread.

Rule 12:  Usernames may not be used by commenters to impersonate real people or regular anonymous commenters.

Rule 13:  Prolonged discourse from one user in successive comments in a single thread (i.e., “crapfloods”) may be condensed into one comment or deleted entirely.

Rule 14: Unspecific or similarly vacuous negative comments by unidentifiable users may be deleted or censored.

Rule 15: Comments containing personal information with little or no relevance to chemistry will be deleted.

(Explanation of rules 1–10)
(Explanation of rules 11–13)
(Explanation of rules 14 and 15)