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Open Thread #2

Monday, July 25th, 2011

It’s time for a fresh open thread.  Feel free to use the comments to plug things, post random thoughts, ask questions…whatever.

I’ll open with my top 5 favorite Sporcle quizzes on chemistry:

1.  Name the Element Pairs 

2.  Chemistry Laws

3.  Shared Abbreviations   (Elements, States, and Country Domains)

4.  Common Acids

5.  Elements per Letter

Bonus:  6.  One Letter Elements

Open Thread #1

Saturday, December 11th, 2010

Hello friends,

I miss “The Wall” from the old blog.  It was a chance for everyone to share thoughts and links unrelated to chemistry.  Something is odd with this WordPress theme in that it doesn’t allow comments on pages (versus posts).  Rather than going too far into the code, I figured I’d just replace the wall with an open thread.

Feel free to share your thoughts on vending machine snacks, best brands of bar soap, movies/TV…whatever.  Nothing is off topic.  You can even plug stuff.  Direct us to your latest paper, share your favorite YouTube video, or brag about your new book. 

And because knowing is half the battle, here are some tips for how you can comment like a pro using simple HTML code:

“This is how you <b>embolden</b> text.”

This is how you embolden text.

“This is how you <i>italicize</i> text.”

This is how you italicize text.

“Here is the <a href=””›link</a>, good buddy.”

Here is the link, good buddy.

“Here is the pic: <br><img src=””>”

Here is the pic:
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