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More Chemistry at Sporcle

Thursday, August 13th, 2015

I’ve updated the quiz on Nobel laureates to include the most recent winners. Can you name a chemistry laureate’s surname for each letter of the alphabet?

Also figured I’d mention what is probably my all-time favorite quiz from the site: name an element that fits each of the thirty given criteria.  

Previous posts (1 2) cover some of my other favorite chemistry quizzes.

Quiz: Nobel Laureates in Chemistry, per Letter

Tuesday, May 28th, 2013

Test your Nobel knowledge…

Can you name a Nobel laureate in chemistry for each letter of the alphabet (surnames only)?

You can check out everyone’s results (and the answers) here.

Quiz: Named Chemical Reagents and Catalysts

Sunday, May 26th, 2013

I made this little ditty on Sporcle. Given a systematic name of a molecule, provide the last name of the chemist for whom the reagent or catalyst is named…