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The 2015-16 Chemistry Faculty Movement List

Monday, August 31st, 2015

ed_academic_bigTwo major poaches were announced on Friday, so it’s a good time to start a poach list for the 2015-16 academic year. The first time I tried this was 2012-13, and See Arr Oh had one for 2014-15 and maintains one for 2015-16.

The criteria for inclusion on the list below will be: (i) a chemist or chemistry-rich scientist moving from one academic institution to another, (ii) with at least one of the institutions in the United States or Canada, and (iii) the move is announced between August 1st, 2015 and July 31st, 2016.

I’ll limit anything more than the basic facts to the comments section and keep the post itself uncluttered. Please share news of moves in the comments or e-mail me. Thanks!


Malika Jeffries-El (Iowa State to Boston University) – 8/28
John Rogers (Illinois to Northwestern) – 8/27


Last updated: 31 August 2015

Academic Movement and Hires, 2012-2013

Tuesday, March 26th, 2013

ed_academic_bigA comment by “Rumor Mill” in the old Nocera thread reminds us that now is a good time to take stock of recent academic poaches and hires. I am certain this list is incomplete; please point out omissions in the comments.

Dan Nocera (MIT to Harvard)
M.G. Finn (Scripps to Georgia Tech)
K.C. Nicolaou (Scripps to Rice)
John Wood (Colorado State to Baylor)
Corey Stephenson (Boston University to Michigan)
Sharon Hammes-Schiffer (Penn State to Illinois)
Kyoung-Shin Choi (Purdue to Wisconsin)
Shih-Yuan Liu (Oregon to Boston College)
Patrick Holland (Rochester to Yale)
Holden Thorp (UNC to WashU, admin)
Andrei Tokmakoff (MIT to Chicago)
Xiaoyang Zhu (UT-Austin to Columbia)
Glenn Micalizio (Scripps Florida to Dartmouth)
Richard McCullough (Carnegie Mellon to Harvard, admin)
Thomas Albrecht-Schmitt (Notre Dame to Florida State)
Vy Dong (Toronto to UC – Irvine)
Phil Castellano (Bowling Green to NC State)
Jeremy Smith (New Mexico State to Indiana)
Adam Braunschweig (NYU to Miami)
Paul Cremer (Texas A&M to Penn State)
Julia Chan (LSU to UT-Dallas)
Brian Shoichet (UCSF to Toronto)
Chulsung Bae (UNLV to RPI)
Scott Snyder (Columbia to Scripps Florida, no Web confirmation yet)
Alexander Deiters (N.C. State to Pitt)
Elizabeth Papish (Drexel to Alabama)
Chuck Wight (Utah to Weber State, admin)

Notable Non-Poach:
Neil Garg staying put at UCLA (despite overtures from NYU and Cornell, we hear. We also hear NYU has struck out on at least one other attempted megapoach.)

New Hires (for 2013):
Yogi Surendranath (MIT)
Adam Willard (MIT)
Steven Malcolmson (Duke)
Jennifer Roizen (Duke)
Amanda Hargrove (Duke)
Ian Tonks (Minnesota)
Jenny Yang (UC – Irvine)
Smaranda Marinescu (USC)
Corinna Schindler (Michigan)
Andrew Ault (Michigan)
Kerri Pratt (Michigan)
Hill Harman (UC – Riverside)
Timothy Newhouse (Yale)
Matthew Lockett (UNC)
Bradley Merner (Auburn)
Joshua Vaughan (Washington)
Paul Bracher (Saint Louis)
Nick Ball (Amherst)
Renee Frontiera (Minnesota)
James Johns (Minnesota)
John Parkhill (Notre Dame)
Jeremiah Gassensmith (UT-Dallas)
Psaras McGreir (Ohio State)
Casey Wade (Brandeis)
John Keith (Pitt, ChemE)
Kristie Koski (Brown)
Leslie Hicks (UNC)
Brad Carrow (Princeton)
Jeff Rinehart (UCSD, awaiting Web confirmation, deferred by 1 year?)
Rebekka Klausen (Johns Hopkins)
Dmitry Peryshkov (South Carolina)
Natalia Shustova (South Carolina)
Loi Do (Houston)
Jason Keith (Colgate)
Johanna Blacquiere (Western Ontario)
Emily McLaurin (Kansas State)
Lei Fang (Texas A&M)
Michael Clift (Kansas)
Fernando Uribe-Romo (Central Florida)
Scott Laughlin (SUNY – Stony Brook)
Ming Ngai (SUNY – Stony Brook)
Emily Pentzer (Case Western)
Sandra Loesgen (Oregon State)
Ksenia Bravaya (Boston U.)
Stephen Burley (Rutgers, senior hire from Eli Lilly)
Benjamin Swarts (Central Michigan)
Kamil Godula (UCSD)
Maciej Walczak (Colorado)
Ryan Hili (Georgia)
Christian Bleiholder (Florida State)
Eugene DePrince (Florida State)
Rylan Lundgren (Alberta)
Zachariah Heiden (Washington State)
Stefano Sacanna (NYU)
Daniel Turner (NYU)
Aaron Van Dyke (Fairfield)
Skye Fortier (UTEP)
Shane Ardo (UC – Irvine)
Maren Buck (Smith)
Yujie Sun (Utah State)
Tim Wencewicz (Washington University)
Nicholas McGrath (Wisconsin – La Crosse)
Josh Vura-Weis (Illinois)
Kenneth Hanson (Florida State)
Sean Roberts (UT – Austin)
Emily Que (UT – Austin)
Abhishek Chatterjee (Boston College)
Charles Mace (Tufts)
Heather Kulik (MIT, ChemE)
Luis Velarde (SUNY – Buffalo)
G. Ekin Atilla-Gokcumen (SUNY – Buffalo)
Bo Li (UNC)
Hannah Shafaat (Ohio State)
Rebecca Taurog (Williams)
Michelle Farkas (UMass – Amherst)
Kabirul Islam (Pitt)
Michael Hilinski (Virginia)
Ed O’Brien (Penn State)
Christopher Uyeda (Purdue)
Jared Delcamp (Ole Miss)
Liang Gao (SUNY – Stony Brook)
Jarrod French (SUNY – Stony Brook)
Jeffrey Warren (Simon Fraser)
Matt Kiesewetter (Rhode Island)
Kang-Kuen Ni (Harvard)


This post will be updated by appending names to the bottom of each list.

ChemBark Monthly!

Monday, November 12th, 2007

Happy Veterans’ Day, Gentlepersons.  Here are some items for your consumption:

– I recently registered for the Spring ACS National Meeting in New Orleans.  My talk will probably be the worst disaster to hit the city since…uhhh…nevermind.  In all seriousness, I look forward to the four days of wall-to-wall chemistry, since I really didn’t get the chance to consume that much in Boston.  It will also be interesting to see what’s going on with the reconstruction efforts following Katrina.  I assume that all of the debaucherous elements of the city will have been restored by April.  Is anyone else going?

–  The Crimson got to this story about a month late.  Someone’s moving to MIT…or not (?)  I really don’t get why there is any confusion here; the people being quoted are seemingly the ones who should know exactly what’s going on.

–  Later this week, Prof. Dr. E.J. Corey will sell and sign copies of his newest book in Harvard’s historic chemistry library.  I wonder if he’ll take personal requests.  “Professor Corey, could you please make this one out to ‘the greatest chemist of all time’?  Thanks.”

–  Retread has passed along the next installment of his Rip Van Winkle series, and I shall post it in short order.

Thanks for reading,
Rudy Paul