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The Floor is Yours

Thursday, July 12th, 2007

It’s time for a little experiment. Allow me to apologize in advance for being so cryptic in this post, but I want to observe how the discussion here proceeds without any interference from me.

In the last several weeks, a number of people have brought to my attention a fascinating story relating to careers in academia. Not since the SSS have I heard people voice such strong opinions on a subject that falls squarely in the arena of scientific culture and politics. I believe the story merits discussion and analysis, just because it is so atypical of “standard operating procedure.” Who knows? Maybe the SOP is changing?

Anyway, since this story seems to be well known to the community already, I thought that you all could have first crack at it without hearing my opinion first. I’m sitting this thread out…at least, to begin with.  To start the discussion, I’ll throw out a single word and the guidance that it is a story that has not even been tangentially discussed on this blog before today. Keep the discussion civil, but feel free to voice your opinion. Be sure to use proper grammar, especially if you have no idea what’s going on and are just leaving some random insult directed at me.

Now, the word: Princeton.