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Critical Acclaim and Vituperation

“Your blog is fun.” – Rudy Baum, Editor-in-Chief, Chemical and Engineering News   (12-7-2006)

“Ever-lively” – Nature   (1-18-2007, p. 245)

“Rabble-rousing” – Bethany Halford, Senior Editor, Chemical and Engineering News   (1-29-2007, p. 41)

“The atmosphere of a lab group’s night out in the pub” – Richard Van Noorden, Chemistry World   (12-2007, p. 48)

“An old stalwart [of the blogosphere]” – Nature Chemistry   (10-2010, p. 797)

“…ChemBark has uncovered a fascinating story that deserves to be widely read…” – Nature Chemistry   (9-2011, p. 655)

“[One of] a number of prominent chemistry-oriented blogs…” – Rudy Baum, Editor-in-Chief, Chemical and Engineering News   (1-16-2012, p. 3)