We’re Hiring a NTT Asst Prof at SLU

January 19th, 2016

solarseal_150Hello, friends. Long time, no speak. I’m just checking in to say…

Our department is looking to hire a non-tenure-track Assistant Professor to start in August. Before getting into the behind-the-scenes details, here’s the official ad:

Saint Louis University, a Catholic Jesuit institution dedicated to student learning, research, health care, and service seeks applicants for a non-tenure track Assistant Professor of Chemistry that is to start in the Fall of 2016. A Ph.D. is required.  While applicants from all areas of chemistry will be considered, the candidate is expected to teach undergraduate courses in a variety of areas including general chemistry, organic chemistry, and upper level courses such as biochemistry.  Review of applications begins immediately and will continue until the position is filled. Previous teaching experience in a large lecture setting is desired.  Applicants should send a CV, transcripts, statement of teaching interest/experience and 3 reference letters to the attention of Prof. Scott Martin at chemsearch@slu.edu. Saint Louis University is an affirmative action, equal opportunity employer, and encourages nominations and applications of women and underrepresented minorities.

As I did before when we advertised and hired a tenure-track position last year, allow me to provide some context that cannot be communicated within the word limit of a typical job posting.

First off, this is not a “visiting professor” position. As part of an ongoing evaluation of how resources are deployed within our College, teaching workloads are being adjusted and our department, in particular, is looking to hire more teaching faculty. While these positions at SLU are non-tenure-track and contracts are renewed on a yearly basis, the intention is for this position is to be renewed (subject to satisfactory performance).

Next, we take teaching here seriously—it is not viewed as a chore or distraction from research or other priorities. Our graduate program is of modest size, so our undergraduate program gets relatively more attention than at most bigger schools I’ve seen. Our faculty prides itself on the rigor and quality of teaching and mentoring offered to students in our programs.

Candidates with a background in organic or bioorganic chemistry—and experience teaching these subjects—are probably in the best position as far as this position goes. We are looking for someone with the ability to teach our organic offerings and the flexibility to step in for general chemistry or biochem lab, when needed. The organic course offerings at the undergraduate level in our department include: Organic Chemistry I/II for non-majors (250-300 students/year), Organic Chemistry I/II for majors (~35 students/year), Organic Chemistry for nursing/health students (150 students/year), and Organic Spectroscopy. At the graduate level, the organic faculty is primarily responsible for teaching courses in physical-organic/advanced mechanisms, organic synthesis, and bioorganic chemistry.

Whether you have lots of experience or lots of energy, we’d love for you to apply. Please tell your friends and colleagues, and tell them to act fast—we are reviewing packages as they come in.

And I’m not sure if this will be viewed as an advantage or disadvantage, but the successful candidate and I will probably be co-teaching the big organic class (300 students) in Fall 2016. What could be more exciting than the ability to serve as co-quizmaster for Orgo Bingo with its proud inventor?

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  1. bad wolf Says:

    So how much less will the VAP be making than his/her tenure-track colleague for co-teaching the same course?

  2. eugene Says:

    I’m not applying due solely to the paucity of posting on this blog!

  3. Dan eustace Says:

    Your blog has much to say and add to the professional training of
    academic track professionals. Very nice work.

    Will cite it in an entry and list it in the blogroll.

    Keep up the excellent reporting.

  4. wolfie Says:

    Can I apply ? I have practical experience in organic chemistry, polymer chemistry, surface chemistry, plus a German habilitation in Physical Chemistry. Ahh.. I haven’t done any chemistry in the past 5 years…. but it remains in my blood. So, if tenure is unattainable, no matter for me.

  5. wolfie Says:

    Regarding all the German or Bavarian Breweries in your area !!

  6. Solomon Derese Says:

    I will consider applying

  7. denis mboya Says:

    i like this. i gonna apply.

  8. wolfie Says:

    Paul. where will you apply with all your academic degrees from Harvard and Caltech ? Is this what you have worked for ?

  9. wolfie Says:

    Hey, that’s bad. I wrote my papers without an end, always. And that’s why they described reality better than those of an Harvord professor who always strived for the highest nobility available ? an never got it, of course. Course Wish is not what you want, really. I’m only citing the old Shakespeare.

  10. not2016but2017 Says:

    Any input/say on the posting you have for this year? I saw you’re looking for a physical chemistry position?

  11. Krystleshosy Says:

    Happy New Year 2017!
    Hooooorrrayyy!!! :)

  12. Dating Says:

    Regarding all the German or Bavarian Breweries in your area !!

  13. wolfie Says:

    Huch ? Whom am I dating ? Are you looking for an escort service, Paul ? Außerdem, the date of your FAKE-NEWS post must be false, because it was in January. At this time of the year, I usually consume no beer, but keep looking for winter truths.

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