Suggestive Chemistry T-Shirts

September 4th, 2015

My friend Tania put up this photo on her Instagram yesterday, which reminds me of a post I’ve wanted to write about chemistry T-shirts:



That is the most suggestive chemistry T-shirt that I’ve ever had the pleasure of owning. It was gifted to me in grad school by an awesome postdoc. Since it is much too risque for an assistant professor to wear, I felt the time was right to pass it on to the next generation of chemists. I know it is in good hands, as Tania has a collection going:



A quick survey of Google reveals some other dirty alternatives, but I think the round-bottom one is special because it’s from a legit glassware vendor (and one we still use to get our NMR tubes and caps).

Not how you spell that word.

It’s not polite to judge.

This could lead to confusion about the Burgi-Dunitz angle


15 Responses to “Suggestive Chemistry T-Shirts”

  1. Paul Bracher Says:

    Not safe for lab:

    I thought this shirt was too vulgar for the main post, so I’ll leave it here.

    Who the hell would buy a shirt like this?

  2. excimer Says:

    ^ i would

  3. Ron Says:

    A more promiscuous nucleophile should be used for the backside attack shirt!

  4. Prunesmith Says:

    @Ron, now I must know – what is the most promiscuous nucleophile?

  5. qvxb Says:

    A great way to get fraternities kicked off campus.

  6. wolfie Says:

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    I nevere tink or do

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    C2H4S2 N4

  7. wolfieq Says:

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    sex is necessary, even for the evangelicals

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