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August 13th, 2015

I’ve updated the quiz on Nobel laureates to include the most recent winners. Can you name a chemistry laureate’s surname for each letter of the alphabet?

Also figured I’d mention what is probably my all-time favorite quiz from the site: name an element that fits each of the thirty given criteria.  

Previous posts (1 2) cover some of my other favorite chemistry quizzes.

2 Responses to “More Chemistry at Sporcle”

  1. eugene Says:

    I looked at the names of Laureates, and I must have looked for a few minutes… I think I’d only get about 8 letters, maybe? And probably mostly the ones I’ve met personally, and a few ueber famous ones too. There is no way I’m doing that test. Too embarrassing. But I wasn’t really that aware of chemistry Nobel prize winners or who all the famous peeps were when I started in undergrad actually. Or even in grad school. Or now, come to think of it.

    Named reactions are the worst though… especially for people who are already bad with names. It would be a lot easier for me to know what the hell everybody was talking about at a meeting if people said, “the disproportionation reaction of an aldehyde into an alcohol and an acid in the presence of base”. Freaking Cannizzaro. And he’s the easy one because at least his name is unusual enough that you remember to actually tie it to something after ten times of hearing it! This is usually how it goes:

    “Well, obviously it must be a Meerwein arylation mechanism here.”

    The worst. The worst! In the lab next to me in grad school I once walked by a computer and noticed my friend had a screen saver that showed a new named reaction every ten seconds. I considered quitting that very day.

    Your quiz brought back all those nice memories. There should be a trigger warning there. Especially for the previous quiz in the first link.

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