Chemistry Error on Seinfeld

June 29th, 2015

Something didn’t quite look right when I saw this scene from ‘Seinfeld’ in real time:

Closer inspection of the fire diamond reveals the flammability rating of the paint thinner to be 8:


That’s pretty impressive, considering the maximum score is 4 on the NFPA 704 standard. If acetylene is a 4, I wouldn’t want to be driving around town with an 8 in my trunk.

For those curious, the episode is ‘The Pothole’ from Season 8. The IMDB page for the episode already lists the scene as a goof.

Longtime readers will remember that this is not the only time Jerry Seinfeld has used chemistry for laughs.

7 Responses to “Chemistry Error on Seinfeld”

  1. anon Says:


  2. Paul Bracher Says:

    Oh, come now…these are the sorts of hard-hitting posts that readers of this blog have come to expect. We’re taking *Jerry Seinfeld* down a peg! He obviously knows nothing about the standards of the National Fire Protection Association!


  3. Thomas Says:

    Hahhahaha….that’s crazy.But even from the craziness, I learn’t something.

  4. qvxb Says:

    A WTF (what’s that flammability) moment.

  5. wolfie Says:

    All I have to say : In St Louis, things are felt differently from Harvard.

  6. George Dionne Says:

    Absolute craziness! I have a great laugh though.

  7. David T. Crocker Says:

    Good! Thank you very much Our Carl

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