Our Newest Instrument

February 4th, 2015

I received this fantastic gift for Christmas, and it has made a great addition to the office:


While I don’t chew gum, I’m a huge fan of jelly beans. If you’re curious, 7.5 pounds of Jelly Bellys will fill the reservoir perfectly. I highly recommend the fruit bowl mix—it contains most of the best fruit flavors without all of those weird ones, like buttered popcorn and margarita.

And if you end up getting one of these beauties, don’t be a knob—put it on free spin.

9 Responses to “Our Newest Instrument”

  1. Free Radical Says:

    Approves: http://media0.giphy.com/media/T3yy5jxxetHfq/200_s.gif

  2. George Says:

    Hey Paul, do Nutter Butters work in that thing?

  3. Hap Says:

    That doesn’t look lab safe, although it’s not like I’d need 3+ kg of Jelly Bellies in my office.

  4. Paul Bracher Says:

    @”George”: I’m sure someone can be found with the expertise to fabricate a Nutter Butter dispenser out of PDMS.

  5. The Bob Says:

    Must be the season for them – in our building, one has sprung up outside the teaching lab prep-room. (still needs a coin tho)

  6. Georgeling Says:

    I have heard rumors of this Nutter Butter obsession and alien-like eating style, but have never seen it. Can you provide more details please?

  7. Paul Bracher Says:

    We always used to have cookies at group meeting because VWR sold them in the stockroom. I believe there were Nutter Butters, Oreos, and Fig Newtons. The packs would get passed around and the Nutter Butters would always end up next to G. We soon noticed those were the only ones he ate, and it became a thing. Eventually, people just positioned the Nutter Butters at his seat at the table.

    G was intensely observed by almost everyone during group meeting, because sometimes it was the only way you could gather information about how he felt on a project. After all, people only gave group meeting once a year. Group members in the audience would look to see if he was paying attention, distracted (e.g., by Nutter Butters), or nodding off. The best thing that could happen was an animated discussion (that often led to two-hour meetings) and G cracking jokes. The death blow to any project was G remaining silent until the end, then asking the question, “Why is this interesting?”

    Are you in the group now? Does the stockroom still sell cookies?

  8. Georgeling Says:

    Thanks for the history lesson. I have recently left the group but was in the Post-Bracher era. The stockroom no longer carries cookies. Instead food is always catered for group meeting. I never witnessed George ask anyone “why is this interesting” even when he probably should have.

  9. Silicone Says:

    What, no gumballs! Do you think you are better than me Paul? – Dave L.

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