So Many Gas Cylinders

December 1st, 2014

While most people in St. Louis use Grand Boulevard to march in protest, I mainly use it to get to our medical campus. Along the way, you pass directly over a stockyard for Airgas. When the weather is nice, I like to stop at stare at the sea of gas tanks and cylinders. It’s really quite amazing:

Airgas Stockyard in Saint Louis, Missouri

5 Responses to “So Many Gas Cylinders”

  1. Nick K Says:

    A few years ago I was told that Air Liquide had no fewer than 750 000 cylinders in circulation in Belgium alone. Yes, three quarters of a million!

  2. Sigma-Aldrich guy Says:

    10 years ago in downtown StL (near Lafayette Square), there was a tank farm that caught on fire which subsequently caused a series of huge explosions. It was mighty impressive watching it live. I’m still amazed that no one was hurt.

    That company, Praxair, was forced to relocate away from downtown. I’m surprised to see that they didn’t drive Airgas out of the area as well.

  3. Steventm Says:

    There was a similar series of explosions in a gas storage facility back when I was at SLU back in the late 70’s and we watched it from high above in Griesedieck Hall. It was crazy. I don’t remember the name of the facility, but it was between campus and the downtown area.

  4. wolfie Says:

    When all in St. Loius is so well-ordered, no wonder that Merck KG a.A. will buy Sigma-Aldrich in February. Hope they will maintain their catalougue covers, still. Really a nice museum, there.

    And, please forbige me the vocals.

  5. wolfie Says:

    why not more cylinders for Merck KG aA. ??

    they are what they are, and I am what I….

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