ChemDraw Rebus #1

October 27th, 2014

I’m not sure if this has ever popped up in someone else’s mind before (or on the internet), but it does every time I hear the song:


Do you know what I’m talking about?

9 Responses to “ChemDraw Rebus #1”

  1. Fart bubble in your tub Says:

    Beatles? Is this a ducking Beatles peptide joke? i just see Leucine glycine glucine tyrosine. Which I guess is Lucy in the sky with diamonds. But I actually don’t know the Beatles or their songs or amino acids, for that matter… I’m actually just a dog.

  2. Fart bubble in your tub Says:

    Oh… Is this a rap-song? I guess I don’t listen to raps. Is there an Iggy Pop of rap? How do I open AOL on this phone anyway? Where is the AOL button?

  3. mevans Says:


  4. Paul Bracher Says:

    Yes. I-G-G-Y (put my name in bold)…

  5. Paul Bracher Says:

    And this gentleman on Twitter got it like a boss…

  6. Sapo Says:

    At the last ACS meeting I was at an ACS award ceremony and there was an attractive young woman there with a tattoo partially visible along her shoulder, since everyone was in formal evening wear. It was a peptide which extended into her mid-back. For all the chemistry dudes in the room, it was a double-whammy of a magnet for conversation and they swarmed like flies. It turns out it was her name. I think is was HEATHER. Is this the new thing to do? Is this unique?

  7. anon Says:

    looks like fart bubble got an F in biochem. i’m sure he’ll be trash talking faculty later on the blog tho…

  8. Free Radical Says:

    I circulated this last year:

  9. wolfie Says:

    I got a dog food for dinner or lunch only, when I was an exchange student in England at the age of 14, or so.

    I never tasted any englisch food – kike – wht ?

    dog shit

    dog food

    I thing, they bought it at the supermarket,cause

    it tasted like so- wie UNdefuter eben

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