Quiz: Nobel Laureates in Chemistry, per Letter

May 28th, 2013

Test your Nobel knowledge…

Can you name a Nobel laureate in chemistry for each letter of the alphabet (surnames only)?

You can check out everyone’s results (and the answers) here.

2 Responses to “Quiz: Nobel Laureates in Chemistry, per Letter”

  1. Paul Says:

    There might have been a problem in an earlier version of the quiz with the S surnames. There were too many, so I had to remove some from the list that shows up when you answer correctly. I think it’s fixed now.

    For the record, here are all of the S laureates:

    Sabatier, Sanger, Schrock, Seaborg, Semenov, Sharpless, Shechtman, Shimomura, Shirakawa, Skou, Smalley, Smith, Soddy, Stanley, Staudinger, Stein, Steitz, Sumner, Suzuki, Svedberg, Synge

  2. PGMChem Says:

    12 out of 23! Not bad, I am just disappointed I did not remember Pauling, Robinson and Fischer.

    Nice game !

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