Quiz: Named Chemical Reagents and Catalysts

May 26th, 2013

I made this little ditty on Sporcle. Given a systematic name of a molecule, provide the last name of the chemist for whom the reagent or catalyst is named…

11 Responses to “Quiz: Named Chemical Reagents and Catalysts”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Two I didn’t know, and one I knew that I knew but couldn’t remember. I guess this comes from being trained as an Inorganic chemist.

  2. David Eisenberg Says:

    Just to think that no more than 5-6 years ago, I thought of myself as an organic chemist… I did hideously.

  3. cookingwithsolvents Says:

    ahh, I am definitely an organoMETALLIC chemist…got all the metal stuff straight through and stumped on the 3 others. Good fun, though.

  4. Hap Says:

    If I had to know first names, I got four. If I only need to know last names, I missed the first and third. Of course, you can downgrade my score by the fact that I couldn’t figure out how to take the quiz.

  5. Paul Says:

    @Hap: Are you on a mobile device? This quiz doesn’t work on my phone. If you are on a computer with Flash installed, click the lime green “PLAY GAME” box to start the quiz.

  6. @SuperScienceGrl Says:

    Oh, you arsehole. :) Sporcle games can be so addictive… I remember the joy I felt in undergrad labs when I did the periodic table one for the first time… writing all the elements in order (just to show off). 😉

  7. Hap Says:

    That would be the answer – I’m on my wife’s iPad. At least I can comment – I can’t comment on Chemjobber’s site on the iPad.

  8. Chemjobber Says:

    Oh, no! Man, I gotta fix that.

  9. BrandeisGrad Says:

    This was mean….but I got 3!

  10. Paul Says:

    @Hap: I think if you follow this link the game will work on an iPad. Basically, you’ve got to play it on Sporcle rather than on the blog.

  11. Hap Says:

    I went to Sporcle, and thought I had your game, but when I tried to start the clock it laughed. I don’t know.

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