Major Methane Demo Fail

May 19th, 2013

This is how chemistry demos are going to get banned in high schools:

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  1. Matt Says:

    I’ve lived through a few demo accidents. In high school we cracked a few windows doing the “blow out a jack-o-lanterns face” trick. My freshman year at university saw a lecture auditorium’s smoke alarm set off by the screaming gummy bear demo. But this… How dense do you have to be to see a methane bubble sitting next to a sprinkler head and light it not once, but twice.

    I do not envy those kids. Fire system water tends to just sit in a cistern getting fouler and fouler till it finally gets used. The shower is not a pleasant one.

  2. Howard Peters Says:

    I viewed the video. They were lucky.
    The first thing that came to my mind were some ringing words of my late mother- in-law
    (who had had a very difficult time during The Great Depression).

    I was complaining about how hard it was to keep up with all the new things going on at the forefront
    of chemistry.

    She put down her cup and said….


  3. wolfie Says:

    and, what is chemistry, in your mind, please ?

    wen everything is alright ? A+, so to say ?

    this is NOT chemistry, but

    waht ??

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