An Interesting Position at Columbia

May 14th, 2013

I don’t know why I find myself writing so many posts about happenings at Columbia, but I do. And the trend continues, thanks to this ad I found on page 84 of the March 18th edition of Chemical & Engineering News:


The ad begins:

THE DEPARTMENT OF CHEMISTRY seeks to appoint an Associate in Discipline beginning July 1, 2013, for our busy undergraduate laboratory programs. This is a full-time special instructional faculty position with multiyear renewals contingent on successful review…

An Associate in Discipline, you say? Great. I can think of a few chemists at Columbia who need to be disciplined (1 2)…

5 Responses to “An Interesting Position at Columbia”

  1. Chemjobber Says:

    There are some very weird terms out there — this is one of them. (Doesn’t NYU have some sort of lab coordinator positions that are described as “clinical teaching fellows” or something?)

  2. Paul Says:

    Yes…the lab lectures and gen/orgo courses for nursing students at NYU are typically taught by “clinical” professors. These professors don’t have research labs (and aren’t tenure-track, I believe), but they are granted significantly more job stability than simple adjuncts. I have no idea why they are labeled “clinical”.

  3. Joe Q. Says:

    This is a “fill-in-the-blanks” failure. Whoever was responsible for signing off on the ad copy before it went out, was asleep at the switch.

  4. columbia chemist Says:

    I don’t really see the point of this post. Columbia needs an instructor for undergrad organic labs, yes. What that has to do with two incredibly embarrassing cases, I don’t really know. Don’t stir the pot… especially when your stories are stale. We all laud Paul’s comprehensive coverings of the Sames and Breslow catastrophes. But an attempt you re-energize these dead stories to compensate for a lack of an interesting one seems foolish.

  5. oldnuke Says:

    Whips and chains supplied. gr

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