Fish and Chips for Chemists

May 1st, 2013

This image of a fish-and-chips shop in Glasgow was kindly sent in by longtime reader/commenter Eugene. (Thanks!)


While “organic” oil is great, a silicone oil might help control customers’ gas.

I wonder if this restaurant is owned by the same people as the Boston dry cleaners boasting about their “organic” solvents?

3 Responses to “Fish and Chips for Chemists”

  1. Untenured Prof Says:

    The idea that this would improve business for the shop in Glasgow is questionable at best!

  2. eugene Says:

    It seems that the fish and chip place is big on drunks looking for greasy food. I don’t think they really care if the oil is ‘organic’, but it might trigger some unconscious association as you’re stumbling along the street, so it might work on that level.

    The regular daily customers don’t look like the sorts who care about that sort of stuff. Sort of.

  3. Hap Says:

    Maybe they were trying to imply that other restaurants were using silicone oil for their fish and chips? Yum, it tastes like the inside of a vacuum cleaner but it’s waterproof!

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