Synthetic Champion

March 20th, 2013


6 Responses to “Synthetic Champion”

  1. Hap Says:

    I’m thinking Prof. A is unaware of the wonderfulness of porphyrin synthesis. If he isn’t, it would be nice if he remembered that the molecules don’t look at his CV before they decide how many of them wll become product.

  2. Special Guest Lecturer Says:

    Looks like you didn’t even get rid of all the other crud off the sides of the filter yet. Maybe only 4% yield after all.

  3. Rhenium Says:

    Who is the professor? Someone organic?

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Yeah, I’m curious who that is.

  5. excimer's ghost Says:

    It’s EJ Corey.

    He is not amused.

  6. Paul Says:

    It is indeed Elias James Corey. The image is a screen-cap from this YouTube video. The porphyrin picture is from Wikipedia. The Ali pic was from a GIS.

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