One Way for a Journal to Increase Its Web Traffic

March 18th, 2013

My friend Roger was searching for—well, I don’t know what he was searching for, but this is what he found:


That is from the Web site for the Biochemical Journal, which the editors have decided to call “BJ Central”. There’s also “BJ Mobile” among a group of other specialized BJ sites. I particularly enjoy the menu option labeled “Submit to BJ”.

This set of abbreviations is much less subtle than the two previous front-runners on the puerility scale, PNAS and Anal. Chem. Are the editors really that oblivious?

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  1. Andrew (@_byronmiller) Says:

    Maybe the editor is that guy from M*A*S*H*?

    I think we had the Pee Enn Ay Ess/Pee Nass debate on Twitter the other day. I am firmly on the side of childishness and brevity. We don’t call JACS Jay Ay See Ess, do we?

    Maybe See Arr Oh disagrees, given the username.

  2. AlphaGamma Says:

    PNAS is pronounced as spelled, with a Pn as in pnictide.

  3. Hap Says:

    I’m thinking that if you need to look at this page, you should make sure that it is bookmarked – a search for it is probably going to pull up lots of NSFW.

    I think the prices are going to distinguish this from alternative services, at least for authors. Readers will likely be disappointed, though, even with the special theme issues.

  4. duvane5678 Says:

    Let’s see… Biochem Journal’s “knowledge environments” include “BJ Disease”, “BJ Energy”, “BJ Signal”, and “BJ Structure”. On the “BJ Disease” page, for instance, one can access “BJ Disease Classics”. Of course, one could also directly visit the “BJ Classics” page, where one is invited to “Excavate the buried treasure of the BJ archive”, which has “been applauded as a welcome teaching resource”.
    Of course, if that’s not enough for you, you can head over and register for “My BJ” (, and “Make it personal”. Apparently, there’s no charge to “start creating your own personal BJ.”
    The following can’t be made any funnier so I’ll just quote it: “Use the My BJ toolbox and get interactive with BJ. Need help? Download your My BJ User Guide here. Note: you need to set your web browser to accept cookies to use My BJ.”
    No one could possibly be that oblivious.

  5. Nick Says:

    Anyone ever submitted to the BJ (ahem….)? Do you need a credit card?

    Paging Rex….

  6. Phillip Says:

    RSC has the entertainingly titled Anal. Methods…

  7. Lars Says:

    I also have to chuckle when quoting papers from Drug. Test. Anal.

  8. Paul Bracher Says:

    Well, the journal has updated its site and scrubbed the BJ abbreviation:

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