Columbia Professor Dance Party

December 15th, 2012

This video is pretty hilarious:

Congrats to Breslow, Nakanishi, and Sames for having good senses of humor. The holiday skits at Harvard were canceled a long time ago because a few people there took themselves a little too seriously.

Also, thanks to the three tipsters who e-mailed me different versions of this link. (And, of course, now that I’ve gone back and checked, this video has already made the rounds on Twitter. I will now go back under my rock. Bye.)

9 Responses to “Columbia Professor Dance Party”

  1. anna Says:

    it was when I saw jon owen in the shower where I basically lost it though.

  2. Curious Wavefunction Says:

    Good one, Breslow is hilarious! Although I like the one from MIT better since the Korean guy in it actually knows the lyrics and mouths them.

  3. David P Says:

    “This video is Private”

    Guess I didn’t click on it fast enough to get to see it.

  4. xyz Says:

    “This video is Private”

  5. jb Says:

    Who’d have thought MIT would have better dancers than Columbia. These are fun to watch. I was worried Breslow might tip over when he was dancing.

  6. Concrete Dovetail Says:

    Columbia Winter Shows are legendary. As one professor who gave the weekly seminar once said, if the quality of a chemistry department is determined by their Christmas party, Columbia is number one.

  7. Doug Weibel Says:

    Ron Breslow is awesome. Super sense of a humor and pretty nice moves.

  8. wolfie Says:

    Sames is still their. And you’re no professor (me neither). Look at his current research plan. Could you do it any broader(ly) ?

    adverb or not plays not a significant role heir, i think

  9. berkeleychemist Says:

    Here’s UC Berkeley’s entry:

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