Long Weekend, Big Plans

August 31st, 2012

My plans for Labor Day weekend are all set thanks to a nice discovery during a group clean-up yesterday:

Plenty of gloves? Check. Multiple boxes of FIXANAL? Check.

Who would name a brand of buffer concentrates “FIX ANAL” and shape the container like a…well…errrr?

Germans. That’s who. I guess you can just add this to the list of cross-cultural marketing blunders, though I am not certain that there wasn’t someone who did this on purpose. Who else sells buffer mix in an odd tube like that?

4 Responses to “Long Weekend, Big Plans”

  1. wolfie Says:

    Best suited for the University of California at Berkeley, which is, as everyone knows, the world’s Chemistry Department No. 1.

  2. See Arr Oh Says:

    I didn’t get the results I wanted on my ANALTECH TLC plates, so I had to switch to FIXANAL.

  3. sarah e Says:

    It would be the Germans. They lack any amount of shame when it comes to number 2. In Berlin, where I live, it’s no different telling people you’ve got diarrhea as the common cold. Plus their toilets have little platforms to catch the delivery so you can inspect it in detail. Enough said.

  4. milkshaken Says:

    turns out, isotonic buffers are preferable to tap water for colonic irrigation. For all those places your gerbil cannot reach…

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