WWWTP? – Beauty Products Edition

March 1st, 2012

Today’s image was kindly sent in by Santiago, who stumbled across this scene at the Globus department store in Geneva, Switzerland:

(click to enlarge)

Kiehl’s makes beauty products, and what could be more beautiful than phenanthroline, right? I sure hope there is plenty of carbon monoxide in my skin cream—especially carbon monoxide that’s missing four electrons.

But not all is wrong in the world of chemical art: check out the cool gate at Yale that See Arr Oh found. The chemical structure represents a tetrapeptide that spells out Y-A-L-E (tyrosine-alanine-leucine-glutamic acid). Pretty cool.

14 Responses to “WWWTP? – Beauty Products Edition”

  1. MD Says:

    Texas carbon really opens up the pores.

  2. Chemjobber Says:

    I’ll bet that carbon monoxide has some pretty dramatic effects on the skin.

  3. See Arr Oh Says:

    Thanks for the link, Paul!

    And look at that half-cholesterol in the upper-R corner. Should we tell ’em it’s missing all its sterochemistry?

    Methinks I see a sulfonamide hiding behind that young lass…but who knows? It could just as well be H2SO4.

  4. excimer Says:

    Phenanthroline-based skin cream? Is Jean-Pierre Sauvage branching out into new territory?

    And weird chemistry drawings aside, Globus is the nicest department store in Switzerland.

    Oh and I like the skeleton with the labcoat in the pic. If your skin cream contains CO and what appears to be sulfuric acid at the bottom right, you’ll look just like him!

  5. Cpstar Says:

    The hydroxyl group fell off the tyrosine during construction of the gate. An astute faculty member noticed it and got it fixed before we became known as the Fale Chem department.

  6. darksyde Says:

    I’m impressed that the second from the top could actually be a fragrance molecule.

  7. BlueBaron Says:

    That the only mistakes are omitting hydrogens is actually heartening. Maybe it’s just formaldehyde and formamide…which would have some relevance to beauty products if you are a mortician. What is the physics thing there. Is that a fancy way of saying F=ma with vectors?

  8. Paul Says:

    Well, there is the Texas carbon on the second structure, but this is a much better effort than some of the other artwork we’ve seen.

    And, yup, I think the F=ma is good.

  9. wolfie Says:

    The true scene was at Kohl’s department store, in Bangor, ME.

    Or, equivalently, in Champaign, IL.

  10. Chemjobber Says:

    There is no department store that nice in Champaign, IL. (Sorry, Macy’s!)

  11. darksyde Says:

    damn, how did I miss that texas carbon.

  12. wolfie Says:

    you’re all so crazy, guys. Sears is next to Kohls in Champaign, and i donz know who will declare bankruptcy next

  13. Paul Says:

    Stu Cantrill spots another Texas carbon in Zurich:


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