CHEMisperceptions: A New Chem-Blog Roundtable Discussion

July 18th, 2011

Hello, friends.

This week, we’ll take an intermission from the Sames-Sezen analysis for another very special chemistry-blog roundtable discussion.   Whereas last time we covered various topics regarding chemistry and employment, this time around we are tackling subjects that are commonly misunderstood by the public regarding chemistry.

The schedule is as follows:

Monday:  Matt at ScienceGeist will discuss perceived and actual risks and hazards associated with commonly encountered chemicals.

Tuesday:  ChemJobber will talk about the public perception of what chemists do (versus reality).

Wednesday:  I’ll have a post on public misperceptions about chemistry and energy policy.

Thursday:  Leigh will discuss the public perception and use of the term “organic”.  

So, this post and Wednesday’s will be it for me this week.  Otherwise, I’ll be hanging out in the comment threads on the other blogs.

And one last update…in the interest of providing a paper trail that may be of value to those interested in the Sames-Sezen case, I have amended my first “Sezen Files” post to include all of my correspondence regarding the FOIA request.  Those PDFs are now available at the bottom of the post.

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