A Few More Ground Rules

February 9th, 2011

Just getting these on the record…three new ground rules for commenting:

Rule 11:  Commenters may not post under more than one username per thread.

I’ve discovered some peculiar activity of late with people posting under multiple usernames from the same IP address.  I am operating under the assumption that each IP represents one user.  I’d prefer that each of you pick one anonymous name and stick to it across all threads, but I insist that you not use multiple usernames when leaving comments in a single thread.  It deceives readers into believing one person’s opinion is more widely held than it probably is.

Rule 12:  Usernames may not be used by commenters to impersonate real people or regular anonymous commenters.

Don’t post comments under a username of a real person (unless it’s your name).  These comments can be hilarious, but they can also be confusing to readers who lack a sense of humor.  Also, don’t post under the username of a regular commenter if you’re not the regular commenter.

Rule 13:  Prolonged discourse from one user in successive comments in a single thread (i.e., “crapfloods”) may be condensed into one comment or deleted entirely.

Collect your thoughts and post one or two comments rather than ten in a row.  Long strings of comments from one user detract from the readability of the site.

Thanks for reading (and commenting),

6 Responses to “A Few More Ground Rules”

  1. Paul Bracher Says:

    I agree with these rules.

  2. Not Paul Bracher Says:

    So do I!

  3. Hap Says:

    Damnit! No more sock puppets? How can one win the Internet without sock puppets?

    And does Rule 12 mean no more comments from the Dead Chemists’ Club?

  4. Paul Says:

    LOL. Expecting a crapflood from the 1st/2nd commenter to complete the trifecta…

    Dead chemists are still allowed to comment.

  5. Paul Says:

    Wolfie wants to be Facebook friends with all of you. Hit him up!

  6. Special Guest Lecturer Says:

    I was expecting him to be friends with Bengu Sezen

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