Mistakes and Mnemonics

July 4th, 2007

An astute reader passed along the following nomination for the official Chemistry Hall of Shame (accept no imitations).  It’s another chemistry advertisement, published on page 66 in the June 18th edition of C&EN:

An Ad for Iodosuccinimide in Chemical and Engineering News

Sweet. I guess if you buy two methylene groups, they’ll throw in an extra one for free.  Big props to J. for scanning in the ad and passing it along.

All this succinimide/glutarimide business reminds me of my favorite chemistry mnemonic—the one for remembering the straight-chain diacids (from two carbons to seven):

Oh My, Such Good Apple Pie

(Oxalic Malonic Succinic Glutaric Adipic Pimelic)

Now, I’m not going to do something as hackneyed as ask, “What is your favorite chemistry mnemonic?” Nope. Not going to do it.

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